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Bellweather Despite benefitting from the use of a far earlier conservatory/ extension, our clients found that their use of the space was limited by the weather;  too hot in summer, too cold in winter, this valuable family space was not well used. Targetting the goldilocks principle, our design is providing a sizeable family living space [...]

Small works at a primary school A redundant storage area at a pre-war primary school was identified as an available site to re-build and extend to form a new Family Room-cum-Sensory Room giving onto the playgorund. Ancilliary toilet facilities including disabled access facilities were essential. A covered area was included in the design to shelter [...]

Avoiding chocolate…. This substantial,  steep site situated close to chocolate box and conservation territory, was ripe for development once a humble post-war bungalow had been swept away. Our clients demanded a radical approach to the design to form a contemporary home, bespoke to their environmental concerns, family life style and interests.   Nearing external completion [...]

Derelict barns to new country office spaces A collection of  3 disused farm buildings were replanned by Chartered Architect Alan Foster to produce a selection of holiday accommodation in keeping with the estate owners requirement to derive an income from a much restored site. Responding however to a change in the times, the client then [...]

Stage ONE projects Pre-Stage 1 437: Swale area:: extension and internal alterations to create new rear garden room and first floor bathroom achieving improved circulation in this semi-detached dwelling, close to conservation area Pre-Stage 1 438: Central Canterbury: extension and internal alterations to deliver additional bedroom(s) in listed building comprising residential and retail elements Pre-Stage [...]

Not just a door Here a country manor house of significant size had a  back door giving straight onto the kitchen which was used as the main day to day entrance to the house. This route let in mud and gravel from the yard and did not enhance the home. Meanwhile the formal entrance, accessed [...]

Design for living This listed river side building was sited in a picturesque  spot but had limited views of its surroundings. The planned extension at a raised level obtained views of the river, the garden and access to the new patio. A modern stair case link gave access to the ground floor and new fifth [...]

Palatial villa reinvigorated A locally historic coastal villa, loved but unkempt and showing wear, finally met new owners with flair, energy and confidence to work with Alan Foster Architects on their second home modernization project in order to release this villa from the past and set it in the modern era. A frequent problem encountered [...]

Two into One Here two cottages which had originally formed one dwelling, had been converted to two dwellings. Alan Foster re-converted the buildings once again to form  one dwelling with space for modern living.

Fisherman’s Wharf Snapped at the almost complete stage – with a contractor and his white van on site, this waterside dwelling was prised from a very limited site. Below the step ladder – the canopy gives space for car parking to the side of the front door and the cantilever provides valuable floor space at [...]