The Approach

he objective here is to give you a feel for the design skills, invention and attention to detail employed by this practice. We also hope to indicate the range and depth of work, and the high level of expertise that architects provide. If you visit the office you will see that space is mainly occupied by traditional drawing boards.  We stand by this traditional method of design drawing. Nonetheless we do possess the facility to produce CAD drawings where required.


e believe that  only by working through a structure, by using the ability to think and visualise three dimensionally, can an architect fully  be in possession of the design. There may be quicker computer aided drawing systems, but the quickness of the chip can sometimes deceive the eye.

Design development from sketch scheme, to planning submissions, to working drawings, are all evolved using hand, eye, brain and  considerable years of experience . If obliged to choose  a company motto it should really be arte et labore (by art and effort) which fits this design approach that depends on skill, putting in the effort and using  knowledge informed by experience. A sporting alignment favoured by the practice, might insist on audere est facere – to dare is to do.

What do we like? Light of course. Which architect has never been captivated by the power of this free resource to invigorate space?  The neatness of a crisp detail executed finely is also forever pleasing for the architect, the client who spots the feature and the contractor who might just prefer to work with us towards a building of quality rather than resort to the pattern book. Did we say that we don’t do pattern books? We like to restore to life the faded buildings that have fallen out of fashion but yet may have a future and we will honour their original style in designing new elements for them. So across the years we offer respect to what must be conserved but do not offer homage where it is not obviously due. We have to admit a liking for 20th century modernism. We remain unconvinced about the quirks of the  post-modern; not everything can be iconic…

For architecture students in Kent, we regret to advise you that as a small and busy architectural practice, we are unable to offer internships or work experience. We are also unable to offer work experience to school students.