Office barns

Derelict barns to new country office spaces

A collection of  3 disused farm buildings were replanned by Chartered Architect Alan Foster to produce a selection of
holiday accommodation in keeping with the estate owners requirement to derive an income from a much restored site.
Responding however to a change in the times, the client then needed the original scheme, which had obtained planning
permission, to be replanned this time to offer countryside office space around the central court yard. This was achieved
while keeping closely to the permitted elevation designs and planning conditions. Available progress pictures here
probably do not do justice to the scale of the detailed work involved.

Once the former cattle/piggery stalls, the original building here amounted to little more than mounds of decaying brick wall.
Nonetheless the footprint of an existing structure sets a valuable planning  precedent – and the building was re-cast to form
a separate small office unit, but kept low to honour the pecking order of the former barn yard.