Palatial villa

Palatial villa reinvigorated

A locally historic coastal villa, loved but unkempt and showing wear, finally met new owners with flair, energy and confidence to work with Alan Foster Architects on their second home modernization project in order to release this villa from the past and set it in the modern era. A frequent problem encountered with the older generation of dwellings is that, though a site may have a sizeable footprint, old room plans and styles of living make the space hard to detect.

This scheme entailed creating a further staircase level up to the old roof space, illuminated with a cluster of roof lights, strengthening and renewing the roof in order to create a sweeping multi-purpose space, complete with Velux balcony roof lights.

Other revisions included removing a servants stair, a second auxiliary kitchen and the creation of new en-suites, kitchen and family spaces. Though the emphasis was on modernisation to contemporary standards, nonetheless, the verandah and original conservatory were restored to a high level of finish, modern joinery and glazing used to emulate the original fabric of the building and the villa’s original sense of period style.